Veterinary Services
Grant Line Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital and wellness center. We provide in-house surgeries, a full range of diagnostic laboratory services, and a complete pet pharmacy. At Grant Line Veterinary Hospital, we pledge to make your pet care as affordable as we have made it convenient.

Modern facilities
Grant Line Veterinary Hospital is comprised of a modern hospital, surgical unit, radiology department and on-site laboratory. We emphasize preventive care whenever possible to ensure a happy, healthy and long life for your pet. We offer physical examination, vaccinations, heartworm and parasite prevention, puppy & kitten vaccination programs, veterinary dentistry, and nutritional counseling services.

Internal medicine
We recommend a complete physical exam for your pet on a yearly basis. Lots of changes can occur from year to year, especially as your pet gets older. Preventative health care recommendations are made based on examination findings and your pet’s individual needs and situation, which you help us to determine. This may include blood, urine, or fecal tests, vaccinations, dietary or exercise advice, and life-style changes.

Veterinary surgery
Our Veterinarians are trained in state-of-the-art surgical techniques should your pet require a surgical procedure. We offer a full range of soft tissue and bone surgeries from routine spays and neuters to more advanced procedures. We also maintain an extensive referral service for procedures requiring specialized training or equipment.

Anesthetic Monitoring
At times, for your pet’s health and safety, pets need to be sedated or placed under general anesthesia. We take utmost care while your pet is under anesthesia for any elective or non elective surgical procedure. Pet’s heart rate, heart rhythm( ECG), breathing rate, oxygen levels in blood, blood pressure and temperature is monitored at all times during the procedure. Pets are closely observed while they safely recover from anesthesia.

Our modern DIgital X-Ray equipment ensures your pet has minimal exposure to radiation, while producing quick and clear results.

Veterinary dentistry
We believe that proper dental care plays an important part in your “best friend’s” well being. We perform dental procedures using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure your pet receives the best available care. Our dental care program includes a thorough examination of the teeth and supporting tissues, ultrasonic scaling with waterpick flushing, polishing, oral surgery and extractions as necessary.


Every day a beloved family pet is lost. Tragically, most never make it back home because their owners didn’t identify them. MicroChip is a professional way to identify your pet and is proven safe and effective. A tiny MicroChip that contains a personal identification number distinguishes your pet as a special member of your family. The MicroChip is so tiny that it fits through a hypodermic needle. Just like a vaccination, it is injected under the skin of your pet where it remains safely for life. This inexpensive procedure can be done anytime and protects virtually any pet in your household.

Nutrition counseling for your pets
Is your pet losing the battle of the bulge? whether your pet is fighting a weight problem or requires a special diet in conjunction with health care management and treatment, our Staff will counsel you on the many nutritional options that are available to pet owners including prescription diet products.

Flea & Ticks Prevention
Fleas and ticks can cause a host of problems for your dog, from flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) to Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. In large enough numbers, both ticks and fleas can cause dangerous amounts of blood loss, especially in young animals. An effective flea and tick prevention program is essential to your dog’s health.

Preventing fleas and ticks from infesting your pet is much easier and less expensive than treating an existing tick or flea problem. As veterinarians, we have seen the devastating effects of Lyme disease on a beloved pet and witnessed the struggle of a house overrun with fleas.